2017 Seminar Schedule

2017-web-bannerThe Varallo Group has a long history of supporting national and local conventions.  Therefore, we are proud to announce the events and conferences during 2017 that we have committed to attend or have accepted a guest-speaker invitation.  

We hope to see you at an event near you:
Making presentations

* Firm Owners Executive Conference (NCRA), February 12-14, Tucson, AZ

* Utah Court Reporter Association, March 10-12

* Society for the Technical Advancement of Reporters (STAR), March 17-19, Houston, TX

* Virginia Court Reporters Association, March 24-26, Williamsburg, VA

* Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association, Mar 31 – April 2, Lancaster, PA

* National Court Reporters Association Annual Convention, August 10-13, Las Vegas, NV

* Illinois Court Reporters Association, September 14-16, Springfield, IL

Society for the Technical Advancement of Reporters (Fall)