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Ed Varallo, who comes from a family of court reporters, began reporting after high school. In 1965, on his 19th birthday, he became the youngest person ever to pass the Certificate of Merit exam (now the RMR). Best known for his speed contest accomplishments (a perfect score on the 280 Q&A in 1975, the first-ever perfect score in a national speed contest) he has six times been NCRA’s National Speed Champion, winning three years consecutively, 1974-76, ten years later in 1986, again in 1996, and again in 2006 — a unique speed contest record.

His career began as a freelancer in Philadelphia. Following three years in the early ’70s as an official reporter in the Court of Chancery in Wilmington, Delaware, he opened a freelance firm in that city which he ran until coming to Boston in 1988, where he is today.

Ed got his first CAT system in 1978 and reported his first realtime assignment in 1983. Over the past three decades he has addressed reporters at national and state association seminars on the topics of writing for CAT, speedbuilding, CART, and writing realtime, and is the author of numerous articles for the JCR (Journal of Court Reporting), the official publication of the National Court Reporters Association. He became a CRR (Certified Realtime Reporter) in 1994.

He has been a Fellow of NCRA’s Academy of Professional Reporters (FAPR) since 1976, and was the recipient of the 1994 Distinguished Service Award of the Massachusetts Court Reporters Association.

In the 1990s he involved himself actively in promoting CART (communications access realtime) for deaf and hard-of-hearing people; as a CART reporter for D/HH consumers in non-litigation settings, as an instructor in CART trainings for court reporters, and in assisting the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the development of its first-in-the-nation CART program.

In 1995 the Association of Late-Deafened Adults presented Ed its ALDA Angel Award.

In 2007, Ed was chosen for NCRA’s highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award.

Ed is currently a member of what’s affectionately called StenOps, or Stenographer Operations, providing court reporting services for the Guantanamo Bay hearings.