Administrative Services

Customized administrative support services to minimize costs and help increase your bottom line.

When is the last time you truly relaxed?

When is the last time you took a time out?

Small Business Owners

Do you need support staff to once in a while or every day?  We can answer your phones, scan and archive documents, or handle your invoices – whether you need help for a couple of hours, a couple of days, or all the time.  We’ve got the right combination of the personal touch and professionalism.  We’ll treat your clients as if they were ours.  Your business depends on it.

Choose from our administrative support services.  We’re there when you need us…once in a while or every day.

Phone answering/Email checking

How many calls have gone unanswered because you weren’t there to answer the phone?  How many jobs have you lost?  And just when was the last time you went on a real vacation — without your phone?  Who can you trust to handle your calls the way you would?  Nancy Varallo and her staff.  When we answer your phones, you’ll never miss another reporting opportunity.

Taking an all-day deposition?  We’ve got you covered.  We can confirm your job for the next day.  Doctor’s appointment running late?  Stay calm.  We’re handling your calls.  We can accept assignments for you. Climbing Kilimanjaro?  Not to worry.  We can also check your email and other voicemail lines – once in a while or every day.

Printing, Production, and Repository

One of our most popular services is the production of transcripts.  High-end printers and scanners are expensive.  Let us print your transcripts and scan your exhibits.  Save the high costs and create more time in your day.  Join our other production clients and be amazed at how much more time you have to focus on professional growth, improve the quality of your personal life, or even take some well-deserved time off.

Contact us and learn just how easy it is to hand over something that used to be so time consuming.  How does it work?  Simply email your transcript to us and tell us who gets what.  We print, bind, and mail your transcripts – FAST!  We can convert your files to PDF or other format and email them to your clients.  We can scan or copy exhibits, and hyperlink them to your transcript.  And when we’re done, we can provide you with document storage services.

Our document repository was built for court reporters by court reporters. Upload your files or have us upload them for you.  Stay organized and service your clients at a moment’s notice.  With our repository, you can give us access when you’re not available, we can retrieve files, and send them on to your clients for you.  Your clients can have password-protected access to our secure repository so they can upload their own case-specific documents.

Do what you do best — see your clients and work your business — while we do the busy work.

Invoicing and Collections

Outsourcing your administrative tasks is the best way to keep you in front of your clients.  Let us process the paperwork and keep track of what is paid and what is not.  We can do your invoicing, we can do follow-up collection on slow pays, or we can do both.  If we do your invoicing, we’ll give you the reports you need to pay your reporters so all you have to do is write the check.  No more figuring out what you owe your reporters.

Our staff is trained not only in invoicing and collections, but also in reporting firm/law firm relations.  We know who controls the money and how to speak to them, how often to follow up and, most importantly, how to keep the relationship from being hurt due to unpaid or slow paid bills.  We follow through, often and regularly, when collecting your past-dues, and we get results.  Save the high cost of a traditional collection agency.  We do not charge a percentage of your invoice.  We get results; you get your money.