Click Here for Six “Freebies” to Get You Started

Getting started with storytelling is the hardest part. Here are some ice breakers to get you moving down your path of identifying your firm’s unique story.

  • When you add a new service (videography, transcript repository…and take note of client reactions to incorporate into the story)
  • When a client came to you with an impossible task and the mountain you moved to solve it
  • When a client came to you with criticism of your product or service and it changed your approach
  • When your reporter put tablets (or netbooks) at counsel’s table and the attorneys’ eyes went wide as saucers when they saw the value of realtime for the first time
  • When a new, defining piece of business arrived because of some small thing you did that you never thought was noticed
  • When you added that little touch — flowers, a thank you card, an empathetic ear — that cemented a relationship

Once you’ve identified the stories that set your firm apart from others, think about who tells them best. Perhaps it’s you or perhaps it’s an associate  who always manages to put clients at ease and make them laugh. Build out your story bank and have your stories memorized and easily accessible. Stories make you memorable, because they engage emotion, and we know that emotion (not logic) spurs decision making.