Court Reporting

Experienced, highly qualified court reporters whenever and wherever you need them. First-rate reporters. First-class service.
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The Varallo Group provides NCRA-credentialed court reporters to your court reporting agency where you need them, when you need them.  We cover depositions in all areas of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and most areas of Vermont, Connecticut and Maine.  Our reporters are selected for their skill, timely delivery and professionalism.

Lots of agencies claim to have the best court reporters.  We can prove it.  We’ve got Ed Varallo, legendary Speed Contest winner (six-time NCRA Champion), and consummate professional.  So call us and ask for Ed Varallo. “Fast Eddie” is available to provide your clients the top-drawer service you’d like them to have.  If you want the best court reporters in the Northeast covering your deposition, call us!

Need a reporter outside of New England?  We work with first-rate court reporters across the nation.  Our network is extensive and excellent.  We expect excellence of ourselves, and we expect it from our networking court reporters.  Skill matters.  Professionalism matters.  Timeliness matters.  Let us prove it.

Say yes to your clients.  We’ve got you covered!

Our reporters and our staff are experts in providing the services you need.

  • Expedited/daily copy transcripts
  • Interactive realtime/daily drafts
  • Realtime streaming of text and/or video
  • Livenote/CaseView/Summation
  • eTranscript® or PDF format
  • Exhibits hyperlinked to the transcript
  • Complimentary use of our conference room

Let us cover your depositions nationwide:

  • Nancy’s many years of volunteer service to MCRA and NCRA have fashioned a natural network of court reporters, agencies, and videographers she knows and trusts.  Call The Varallo Group for help locating a reputable reporter and/or videographer when your client is traveling out of state.
  • We can help locate conference rooms for your out-of-state depositions.
  • We will set up conference calling services for attendance by telephone.