Defeat Your Sales Obstacles – No Excuses

JeanneBy Jeannine Johnson
Executive Sales Consultant

The dread of selling….it’s not uncommon. Many independent small-business owners get weak in the knees when it comes to sales, but lots of business owners are able to overcome the dread and be successful in selling with a little help. Others choose to outsource that dreaded function to someone who somehow manages to enjoy it! The Varallo Group has expertise in every facet of running a court reporting business and we can help you be confident and successful in selling – or we can make those calls for you. Either way, you can be successful in reaching your goals in 2013.

When choosing which strategy is right for you, here are a couple of tried-and-true techniques to help you defeat your sales obstacles this year.

Time Management

  • Can you set apart one or two hours a day to focus on business development activities, putting the normal business interruptions aside for that time?
  • Can you set apart two days a month for business development (in-person) meetings?

If you said yes to both of these questions, you are in a great position to overcome your dread of sales. With a little coaching, you’ll discover a new you with your increased confidence level. You’ll be amazed at the huge strides you make in tackling new business and digging deeper into your existing client base.

I have worked with small business owners and entrepreneurs all over the country in setting a strategy and reaching goals through positive and engaging sales coaching and consulting. If you have the time and you take advantage of the right sales tools and  training, the sky is the limit for you and your business.

Dread Management

Let’s face it. The projects that we enjoy get a lot more attention than the ones we don’t. The stacks and stacks of paperwork sitting on my desk give testimony to my eternal procrastination when it comes to filing (or God forbid throwing things away). For me, filing is not a matter of time management. The idea of sitting down and going through all of those piles forms a pit in my stomach – and I am forced to go shoe shopping to get rid of it! The idea of selling may form the same pit in your stomach. If  that’s the case, no amount of time management will help.

I understand that sales isn’t for everyone, but it’s necessary to build a business. That’s why I’ve partnered with The Varallo Group to offer outsourced sales functions that will work for your sales strategy.

It’s a new year, so resolve to stop procrastinating and outsource those functions that you dislike. In the end, your business will grow and you can focus on more of the projects you truly enjoy.

As Sales Consultant to The Varallo Group, Jeannine Johnson brings over 15 years of “in-the- trenches” experience in consultative sales roles. She is a partner in a growing, thriving sales coaching company based in Westborough, MA known for its award-winning approach to sales strategy and training.


The Varallo Group offers Sales Training, Sales Coaching, Sales Consulting, and Outsourced Sales Solutions to dramatically impact your sales effectiveness and grow your business. Contact us today to get started!

Sales Training
Remember your first day in court reporting class? Perhaps you felt that you would never be able to sharpen your skills enough to become a fast, accurate, competent court reporter. We find many of our clients often feel the same way about sales. As a  sales representative of your business, you feel nervous, inadequate, certain that sales is not something you could ever be good at. We provide sales training and coaching to sharpen your skills in key messaging, networking, and in-person sales techniques that  result in confidence, capability, and increased revenue for your business.

Sales Consulting
Do you have a vision for your business? Do you have specific goals for business growth? More importantly, do you know how to reach those goals? Our sales consultant can work with you to build a clear, specific sales plan that acts as a road map to success. We take the time to understand every aspect of your business and specific market to ensure accurate and timely sales strategies that will help to maximize your results.

Outsourced Sales Functions
At The Varallo Group, we understand the challenge of running your business, performing as a court reporter, and concurrently focusing on growing your business through sales efforts. We provide an outsourced solution for sales functions including:  making sales calls on behalf of your company (appointment setting), trade show staffing, event planning, and sales promotions.

Direct Placement
Have you considered hiring a full-time sales professional to focus on business development? We can help you determine when and how to hire a sales professional that produces results for your business. We’ll also advise you on a compensation plan  that will work within your budget. In addition, we offer a fully outsourced placement solution to recruit, interview, and assess potential candidates for your business.

Watch for details about our upcoming Webinar on Sales Strategies for Court Reporting Agencies.