The Difference between Selling and Telling

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Rob Demonstrates The Difference between Selling and Telling

One of the things I have noticed over the past couple of years is that every firm has a collection of “war stories”. These are things they have done to save the day for a client or, sometimes, where they actually missed the mark and let a client down. But owning mistakes brings insight. If you do some listening around your firm, you will begin to identify those “hero” and “survivor” stories. Once you begin to identify these stories, you can craft them into a rapport-building narrative that sets you apart from your competition.

Growing sales through storytelling requires minor, but effective, adjustments to a typical sales approach. Firms that embrace this shift to storytelling are growing. One of our clients has realized organic, double-digit growth over two years, while another is quickly hiring additional reporters and staff to keep pace with the new business. Below I’ve demonstrated both approaches:

Traditionally, non-selling professionals will say something like:

We can provide you with court reporting, video conferencing, and paperless exhibit services across the country.  We have the best reporters supported by the best calendaring and production staff.  Please give (Fenway Park Court Reporting) a call.”

In contrast, a rapport-building narrative creates a memorable connection like the example below:

This past winter, several of our clients were traveling out of state to take depositions and were concerned with how the weather might alter their schedules, delay receipt of last-minute shipped exhibits, and increase their costs.  As a result, we suggested a video streaming and paperless exhibit solution that could reduce the attorney’s travel schedule, eliminate the need to ship exhibits, and increase the predictability of deposition costs regardless of the weather. This creative approach reduced the cost associated with the depositions and gave us the opportunity to test new technology. We can do the same for you.” 

Rob DezielAt The Varallo Group, we work with clients to help them develop their story as part of a coordinated sales messaging and marketing plan that leads to new business.  We’re thrilled that our own “vault” of stories now includes projects that enabled clients to take a vacation, helped other firms grow their business, and equipped several clients to exit the business.

If you are interested in developing your rapport-building story, please give Rob a call.

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