Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I outsource my administrative tasks to The Varallo Group?

Outsourcing your administrative tasks saves the high cost of employees and eliminates training time. We are the experts — trained to do the job professionally and efficiently. Nancy Varallo has been in the profession for more than 30 years. She knows court reporting. No one can manage the details better than The Varallo Group. Ask about our customized services to maximize your time, minimize your costs, and help you increase your bottom line.

2. How does your phone answering service work?

You will be assigned a phone number in our office that is dedicated to you for the time you need. We’ll answer that line with your office name so it’s seamless to your callers. If it’s overnight, we’ll set up a voicemail on that line with your office information. We prefer to do a “practice run” with you first, at no charge to you, to work out the details while you are in fact reachable.

We will ask you to answer some helpful questions: how do you want us to answer your phone; will we be confirming jobs and reporters; can you provide directions to your office in case someone asks; and how would you like us to get your messages back to you. That might be phone, email, or text message — as the calls come in, or all at the end of the day.

We can even check your email while you’re unavailable. Whether you need us for a few hours or a few days, we’ve got the court reporting background and experience to handle your calls the way you would.

3. How can The Varallo Group help with my invoicing?

Invoicing takes an awful lot of time, time better spent in front of your clients. Building your receivables is much smarter than billing your receivables.

Just email your transcript to us and let us know who gets what. We’ll create the invoice in your name, and mail or email it to your clients. Then you can just wait for the checks to appear in your mailbox. You will get copies of all invoices, and a Reporter Pay statement every two weeks. No more figuring out what you owe your reporters. We can also send you a QuickBooks compatible file if you’d like, saving you steps on payroll day. And, if you prefer, we can print your reporters’ checks as well.

4. How does your office handle the collection of past-due invoices?

We have two options. If we’re invoicing for you, the collections are included at no extra charge. Once a month we send reminder statements, and we start making the calls to the past-dues as you decide, typically after 90 or 120 days. If you are doing your own invoicing, we bill you an hourly rate, not a percentage of the invoice. Most agencies require only one or two hours a month for us to keep on top of their past-dues.

No firm owner should call on his or her own past-dues; it makes for awkward client relations. Our staff at The Varallo Group is trained not only in invoicing and collections, but also in reporting firm/law firm relations. We know who controls the money and how to speak to them, how often to follow up and, most importantly, how to keep the relationship from being hurt due to unpaid or slow paid bills. We won’t let the outstanding bill be the final bill.

5. How can you do my production for me? What about exhibits?

One of our most popular services is the production of transcripts. Use The Varallo Group to print your transcripts, scan and hyperlink your exhibits, and join our other clients who found out just how easy it is to hand over something that used to be so time consuming. Use your time more wisely. Focus on professional growth, manage other aspects of your business, and improve the quality of your personal life.

How does it work? Simply email your transcript to us and tell us who gets what. We print, bind, and mail your transcripts – FAST!  The label has your return address on it, so your clients will never know it’s been mailed from our office. We are able to convert your file to any format your client needs and email it to them. We will scan or copy exhibits, bind them in the transcript or send them on a disk. However you do it now, we can do the same for you. All transcripts and exhibits we produce for you will be archived by us at no extra charge. It’s all in a day’s work for us!

6. With the changes in the economy, I am re-thinking how I want to run my business. What advice can you give me?

We get lots of questions along these lines, with clients facing many different challenges:

  • Semi-retirement
  • Closing the downtown office
  • Starting their own agency
  • Filling a vacancy in the office staff

Whether your long-time employee has moved across the country, you’re thinking of spending three months a year in warmer climes, or you don’t need that downtown office any longer, The Varallo Group can help.  Perhaps you’d like to start your own agency but you’re not sure you’re good at running the business end, or maybe you miss the day-to-day reporting as you’ve spent more time running the office. In any case, think comprehensive management; think “freedom” from the details.  We can handle them.

We offer a comprehensive management arrangement where we do it all for you — whether it’s for a few months a year or all the time. You’ll have a dedicated phone line in our office answered with your firm name, and we’ll manage your calendar, reporter assignments, invoicing, collections, and reporter pay. Payments from your clients can go to you or come through us, as you prefer. Give us a call and ask for some references. 
Re-think your business management needs.

7. What I really need is help getting my business to the next level. How can you help me do that?

Are you an agency owner or a working reporter or both? No matter what your “job” is, Nancy Varallo will change the way you think about how you work. As a Registered Diplomate Reporter and a Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters, Nancy has the background and experience to help you form a plan for success. Whether you want to start your own business or take your current business to the next level professionally, whether you want to pass a test or clean up your notes, she’ll get you started, keep you motivated, and mentor you along your path.

Ask Nancy for a one-on-one professional coaching session, or invite her to your office to motivate you and your reporters. And earn CEUs while you’re at it. Nancy is an approved seminar instructor with the National Court Reporters Association.

8. How much does this all cost?

Since our services are customized for each of our clients, a call to Nancy Varallo will get you the right prices for the right services. Give The Varallo Group a call today. Why wait?

9. I need a reporter outside of my geographic area. Can you help me locate a qualified reporter?

Nancy Varallo, a Registered Diplomate Reporter and a Certified Realtime Reporter, has been a court reporter for more than 30 years. With established connections across the country, she knows how to find the right reporter to cover your job. Credentials matter and that’s what she looks for. Give us a call to schedule a reporter, and we’ll get it covered in your name, with the quality you expect.

10. Can I get Ed Varallo?

Nancy’s husband is J. Edward Varallo, RMR/CRR, legendary Speed Contest winner (six-time NCRA Champion), and consummate professional. “Fast Eddie” is available to provide your clients in the Northeast the top-drawer service you’d like them to have. Just call us at The Varallo Group and ask for Ed Varallo. Do call early; Ed gets requested often.  But don’t worry.  If he’s booked, we’ll be happy to send another experienced, NCRA-credentialed reporter who has the experience to cover your job with the professionalism you expect.

11. I need a meeting room for a deposition, and a conference room for a mediation.  Can you help?

Our lovely offices in Worcester, MA are the perfect location for your deposition, seminar, mediation, or business meeting. Our trademark welcoming smile will assure that you and your client feel right at home. Do you need teleconferencing, a videographer, or a location out of state? We’ll arrange that for you. We offer free wireless internet and loads of free parking. Come in and visit; we’ll give you the tour and, of course, the coffee’s on us.