Mountaintop Experiences

Hi, friends.

Typically, when I return from a warm-weather February trip to NCRA’s Firm Owners Conference, I am equal parts jet-lagged and depressed when I return to winter in New England.

It was different this time. This time I was so positively energized by the experiences and conversations I had with firm owners that I was eager to get back home, to get back to business.

As firm owners, we know what it takes to attend a conference: it isn’t just about packing a bag and getting on a plane. By the time we’ve boarded, a thousand little details have been checked off so that we can get away. (And that’s just for our firms. Don’t get us started on what we have to do to leave home. That’s a whole other thing.)

But we did it – we attended the NCRA Firm Owner’s Conference in Tucson’s beautiful Catalina Mountains, and from what The Varallo Group experienced, and what we heard from other firm owners, we definitely had a “mountaintop” experience.

So now that we are back home, how do we process what we learned?  We spent the time and money to participate, and it’s just as important to take time to “unpack the event” as it is to attend.  Now that the collective “conference hangover” has subsided for many who attended Firm Owners, I wanted to share some ideas on how to keep the momentum going:

  • Actually unpack your bag. We all know that we have those conference bags in the corner left over from these events, filled with business cards, WINE COVERS, and notes scribbled on handouts. Take 15 minutes to go through your conference materials.
  • Create an action plan.  You got so much information it was like drinking water from a fire hose. Look back over your notes and brainstorm some tangible “next steps” for your firm. Assign timelines to those dates. I have even found that “summing up” the sessions in paragraph form is helpful for me to reframe what I heard.
  • Follow up on connections. You met new people, and heard new ideas…reach out to deepen your network. Which discussions had the most impact on you?  Follow new colleagues on LinkedIn or Twitter. Send emails to speakers who challenged you – keep that hard fought (hard won?) momentum going.
  • Teach someone else. We learn best by teaching others, so share what you learned with your colleagues. Schedule a long lunch and order in Chinese food, and brainstorm how to apply these new ideas to your unique firm.
  • Plan your next event.  Firm owners need to be lifelong learners as we adapt to the changing landscape of our profession. Don’t let a whole year go by without taking time to get ahead.
  • Call me!  I’d love to hear from you.  I want to hear your story.

It all starts with a conversation!

Happy unpacking!

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