Reporter Shortage a Problem for Profession, Opportunity for Firms

It started this summer. Our clients’ phones began ringing off the hook…and there was new business on the line. Yes, the much-anticipated shortage of court reporters is taking hold, this at the same time that demand for your services is on the rise.

The shortage of court reporters has implications for our profession that, as a community, we need to address. At the same time, the shortage is creating major opportunities for enterprising firm owners and freelancers in the court reporting business.

If you’ve been looking for ways to grow your business, now is the time.

Don’t know where to get started? We have some ideas:

First, our Business Development Services will assist (or train) your firm or freelance business to capitalize on opportunity. Whether you need sales training, a new logo or website, a full-fledged marketing plan, or all of the above, we can give you ideas…and then customized solutions at reasonable cost.

Second, you’re at your most productive when you’re on that little machine. Our Administrative Services give you the back-office support that allows you to focus on the single most profitable element of your business, writing! Answering your phone, responding to your email, taking care of your transcript production, invoicing, and collection. Let’s find ways for you to capitalize on this reporter shortage by having you and/or your reporters focus on what matters most. And then we’ll handle the rest.

It begins with a conversation. Give us a call at 508-753-9282 or send us an email. We can talk about our version of a “starter pack,” our Jumpstart Program.

Or, if you want a two-day immersion in how to grow and enhance your business, which duels as legendary Ed Varallo’s Shorthand for the 21st Century program, come to Worcester, Mass., Nov. 3-4 to attend our Sailing to Sales Success seminar.

The Varallo Group is celebrating its 15th anniversary!

In October, we’ll be celebrating 15 full years of doing business. As always, you look back at such milestones with some nostalgia and then think about improvements for the future. I’m happy to say that in January, The Varallo Group added in-house video to our repertoire of services.I’m also excited that some time over the next few weeks we will be making a Major Announcement that will allow The Varallo Group to better serve our loyal base of clients.

As the leaves begin to turn here in New England and as we wait impatiently for Tom Brady to return to the Patriots and for the Red Sox to return to the playoffs, I hope that you had a nice summer. Now, it’s time to get back to work.

With warm regards,
Nancy Varallo