Rocket Your Firm into the New Year

Let’s Rocket Your Firm into the New Year

I have three quick stories which answer a fundamental question we get regularly from firm owners: “How can you help me grow my business?”

Two follow.  The third story is yet to be written; it is about your firm and its future. It’s about where you want your business to be a year from now…five years from now…ten years from now. And it’s about steps you can take right now to get there.

Here’s my first story, which is about a small firm owner in Southern California who came to The Varallo Group
for sales training. She also put The Varallo Group on retainer to provide ongoing assistance with sales coaching, proposal development, and general marketing support as she needs it. She made great, strategic use of our services, of our expertise throughout the year. And we were there for her as she began courting a major—iconic—international client in September. We helped her with messaging and with crafting her proposal. On October 27th, we got the following verbatim email message from that client, which made us smile from ear to ear: “I JUST GOT THE CALL. WE GOT (client name). WE ARE THEIR PREFERRED CR VENDOR! WHOOOHOOO! Thank you for your smart brains & helping with EVERYTHING!”

The second is based on a conversation that took place around the same time in October. I was sharing a glass of wine with a firm owner who has been through The Varallo Group sales training. She told me that her sales were up 16 percent last year and 21 percent this year. She attributes ALL of the growth to what she learned from The Varallo Group.

After that last glass of wine, I was pumped! This is why we do this and I wanted to find a way to share that story. But then the buzz from the wine wore off a little bit as I realized that our work always remains in stealth mode because we rarely—and never without permission—reveal the identity of our clients. We protect the anonymity of our clients who had huge success this past year because that’s what we do. We help you to build your business. And we work entirely behind the scenes.

That brings me to my third story, which, as I said, is unwritten. It’s the story we’ll help you to write about your firm and your future.

What do you want to accomplish in the next year with your court reporting business? Too often, firm owners wait to get through the holidays before they begin making their plans for the new year. Realistically, once you get started, it takes at least a few weeks to get moving, and then you’re well into February before you start making changes, and already the year is not off to the start you wanted.

My challenge to you: Let’s start right now! Let’s get a conversation going about your business and what we can do together to empower you to make 2018 the best year for your business that you’ve ever had. I just shared two stories from clients who had such experiences exactly because they engaged with The Varallo Group. We have the ideas to help you quickly identify opportunities and establish a direction to seize those opportunities.

Let’s get you ready to rocket into the new year!

In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday. We wish you fun with your friends and family. And we wish you peace in the new year.

Nancy Varallo

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