Sunday Sit-down: Nancy Varallo

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bildeNancy Varallo calls her husband, Edward Varallo, the “Michael Jordan of court reporting,” but she has developed her own reputation as a giant in the court reporting field. She was named president of the National Court Reporters Association over the summer, and has been involved with a nationwide search for court reporters to work at the tribunals for detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

She laughs when it’s suggested that magic plays a part in court reporters being able to seemingly randomly hit buttons on the small stenotype machines they use in courtroom settings and spit out perfect transcripts of what just happened. She points out that it takes extensive training and practice to be a court reporter.

For Ms. Varallo, court reporting is much more than inputting what people say into a machine. She talks passionately about how the court reporter has an important role to play in protecting citizens’ rights, and how they often have a front-row seat to historic and heart-wrenching events.

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