» When my office manager for our three-person agency graduated court reporting school, we decided to move the office home.  My last stab at production was collating carbon sets in the mid-seventies.  So when I heard about The Varallo Group, I was really excited to give it a try. It’s been over a year now and I couldn’t be more pleased with the speed, efficiency and competence with which our work is produced.  From South Jersey to Massachusetts with the speed of an email, I’m freed up from baby-sitting printers and photocopiers.  I find it to be very cost effective and time saving.

Al Lesky, CSR
Alan Lesky & Associates
Shamong, NJ


» The Varallo Group has been running my business since I opened it in 2003. I knew the day-to-day administrative details were not my forte, and when I heard about TVG, my fears went away.  Nancy’s staff is fantastic.  My business line rings in her office; they schedule my jobs, bill them out, and chase the old invoices. And I haven’t had to pay expensive rents for an office, or train employees to handle the business. It’s worked out great. I would recommend them to any small agency.

Christine Silva-Adermann, RPR
Sterling Court Reporters
MA and RI

» When I need a court reporter in Boston or anywhere in New England, I call The Varallo Group.  I know I can count on Ed Varallo or one of their other realtime reporters to provide first-class service to my clients.

Bill Weber, RDR, CRR
Weber Reporting
Pittsburgh, PA

» Since 2005 we have relied on The Varallo Group to collect our overdue invoices.  We have found TVG to be more effective and less expensive than traditional collection agencies.  I recommend Nancy and her staff without hesitation.

David Arsenault, RPR
Farmer Arsenault Brock LLC
Boston, MA

» As a freelance reporter with a large territory to cover, using the services of The Varallo Group has allowed me to focus on what I like to do best: reporting.  Rather than staying up half the night or getting up very early to print, bind, and mail, it seems that my transcripts are printed, bound, and mailed in the “click of a button.”  I wish I had discovered this years ago.  I feel very comfortable recommending their printing service to other reporters.

Lisa Fitzgerald
Freelance court reporter
Brewer, ME

» Nancy has made my life a lot easier by eliminating the mundane, time-consuming managerial and administrative tasks that I, as a court reporter, dislike.  Since 2006, I’ve entrusted my billing, payroll, and collections to her — not an easy first step, but so worth it!  She takes away the worry for me.  Now I can do more court reporting, less babysitting my business. As a result, my personal income is up and receivables come in more consistently than ever.  Call The Varallo Group today and get rid of your headaches!

Roxanne Costigan, RMR
Accurate Court Reporting
Springfield, MA

» The Varallo Group’s phone answering services are perfect for when your assistant is on vacation and you need someone to pick up the slack. Or better yet, if you want to save a lot of money and not have a full-time assistant! They know the unique business of court reporting. I have always been 100% happy with their services.

Cynthia Clark, RPR, CMRS
Clark Reporting Service
Tampa, FL
» I couldn’t survive without Nancy, and I’m proud to say I was her first client! The staff at The Varallo Group is top-notch. When I’m not in the office, I forward my calls to my dedicated “Eppley” phone line in her office. It’s seamless for my clients and stress-free for me. They text my messages to my cell phone, so I’m always in the loop. They also print my jobs, scan my exhibits, and let me do what I really want to do: take care of my clients.
Lorene Eppley Hunt, RPR
Eppley Court Reporting
MA, RI and CT


» As a one-person business, everything that needs to be accompolished in the office falls on my shoulders. The Varallo Group’s collection department took off of my to-do list collecting on past-due invoices and has freed up my time for other duties. The collection of 100% of my past-dues guarantees my repeat business.

Cassy Russell, RPR, CRR, CCP
Russell Court Reporting, Inc.
Tulsa, OK

» Using The Varallo Group to take care of my collections for the business was one of the best things I could have done.  This opens up time for me to do all the other aspects of running my business more efficiently.  Thank you, The Varallo Group, for all your help.

Barbara Pike
Freelance firm owner
Stow, MA

» As an agency owner, I see the value of someone who can answer an inquiry on the spot, not just take a message and get back to you sometime later.  Value comes from not only satisfying the customer’s need but being able to anticipate the need and be prepared.  Nancy Varallo is that person. In 2003, when it came time to find someone to answer my phones and handle my billing, I chose the Varallo Group. I’d make the same choice again — without reservation.

Ray Catuogno, Jr., President
Real-Time Court Reporting
MA and RI

» As court reporters we are trained to write, edit, and proof.  Our time is so precious, and the last thing I want to do is worry about printing.  I trust my printing to Nancy because she is a professional, she is experienced in every aspect of court reporting including the various software programs, and her staff is wonderful to work with.  I highly recommend her services!

Gayle Ohman, CSR
Bay State Reporting
Worcester, MA

» I often wondered when retirement would be an option for me; I wondered too what my business is worth.  Since The Varallo Group connected me with a business valuation specialist, I now have the information I need to create a plan for my future.

Teresa L. Rider, RPR, CCR
NCRA Realtime Systems Administrator
President, Rider & Associates, Inc.
Vancouver, WA