Video Depositions

Printed transcripts don’t tell the whole story. Researchers have found that 93% of all communication comes from tone, expressions, and body language. Transcripts can’t capture that. Only video can capture exactly how a deponent reacted and answered during a deposition.  Watching a witness tell his story in his own voice and image is very powerful.

The Varallo Group’s certified and experienced videographers offer unparalleled legal videography expertise and attention to detail. We provide consistent, high-quality audio and video of witness testimony wherever you need to go. 

High-definition deposition services are available. Video can be provided in any format for your convenience: DVD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2,  and MPEG-4, including H.264. We can synchronize most of these video formats to the transcript for your convenience.

Synchronized Depositions

Digital Video Transcripts (or DVTs) synchronize deposition video to the printed transcript so that both can be played back simultaneously.  DVTs allow jurors and judges to watch witness testimony while also closely following the transcript as it scrolls on screen.

Synchronized Digital Video Transcript technology is a powerful and efficient tool for lawyers and paralegals who are preparing for trial or already in court.  DVTs are easily searchable, so it is quick and easy to create video clips of the testimony or to remove objections, even while in the courtroom.  Your video clips are ready for playback on your computer, for import into Power Point presentations, or for use in trial presentation software.

Call us to determine which digital video product is right for you.