Who is in your corner?

In Your Corner to Help You “Punch Above Your Weight”

Jim Cudahy, CAE

Jim Cudahy, CAE

Anyone who has spent time with me knows that I have three sons and each of them are competitive swimmers. I use the present tense “are” despite the fact that two of them have graduated from that category, but swimming is a lifestyle and a mindset that never leaves you.

Boxing and swimming have a lot in common with court reporting. You train and you train and you train, and when the time comes for you to perform, you’re out there on the canvas or in the water on your own. You’re a solo performer in that arena. It’s something that no one else who hasn’t been in your shoes really can understand.

Court reporting can be a lonely business.

It likewise occurs to me, though, that the best boxers and swimmers are those who have a strong team in their corners. While the drive needs to come from within, assistance can come from a small team of professionals who can draw on their experience and expertise to provide inspiration and support. Certainly there are some boxers and swimmers who don’t need such support, those who can and do succeed on their own. Clubber Lang, played by Mr. T. in Rocky III, comes to mind. But most of the time, a complementary team of professionals is required for optimum performance.

That is why I joined forces with The Varallo Group.

During my time at NCRA, I saw first-hand the amazing things that court reporters do. But I likewise know that you can’t be an expert at everything. It would be unusual, for instance, for a world-class court reporter to likewise be gifted at marketing. It would be unusual for you to have depth of experience across all areas of business. Even if you had the skills and inclination to perform the multitude of duties necessary to create a thriving reporting firm, is also would unusual if you had the time to do so.

After all, you’re at your most profitable when you’re maximizing the amount of time you’re on that machine.

We’re in your corner to help your business perform at the highest level. We’ll support your efforts behind the scenes. We’ll help you make a plan for success. We’ll help you implement all elements of the plan. And, as needed, we’ll give you the advice and pep talks to keep you going.

Best of all, unlike in boxing, we’ll also take some of the punches for you.