Administrative Services

Customized administrative support services to minimize costs and help increase your bottom line.

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Comprehensive Management

The Varallo Group offers a comprehensive management arrangement where we do it all for you.  Your phones ring in our office, and we take care of your calendar, reporter assignments, production, invoicing, collections, and reporter pay.

Phone & Email Monitoring

Responding to your clients quickly lets them know that you value their business.  Our client specialists are trained  to answer their questions when they are asked.  No need to take a message and get back to them.  We are here when you need us — once in a while or every day.  

Production Services

Save yourself time, money, and stress. Let us produce, bind, and send your hard-copy transcripts and exhibits.  Need PDFs, linked exhibits, PTX or LEF files?  We can do that!  Same-day service available.  

Subpoenaed Documents

Are you looking for a location for a document drop-off?  Or for a witness to read and sign a transcript? Use our address. Our staff understands the confidential nature of these transactions.

Day-Use and Virtual Office

We can reduce the overhead of expensive office rents.  Need a meeting room for a single day? Wish to work in an environment with other professionals?  Rent an office, a desk, a conference room, or a virtual assistant. 

Billing Services

Our trained bookkeeping staff  can handle the time-consuming tasks of invoicing and collections.  Do numbers look Greek to you? Let us balance your books while you balance your life.

When my office manager for our three-person agency graduated court reporting school, we decided to move the office home. My last stab at production was collating carbon sets in the mid-seventies. So when I heard about The Varallo Group, I was really excited to give it a try. It’s been over a year now and I couldn’t be more pleased with the speed, efficiency and competence with which our work is produced. From South Jersey to Massachusetts with the speed of an email, I’m freed up from baby-sitting printers and photocopiers. I find it to be very cost effective and time saving.

– Al Lesky, csr

  alan lesky & associates, Shamong, Nj


Comprehensive Management

The Varallo Group offers a comprehensive management arrangement where we do it all for you.  Your phones ring in our office, and we take care of your calendar, reporter assignments, invoicing, collections, and reporter pay. Give us a call to discuss options.


Phone Answering, Email Monitoring, and Virtual Assistant Services

Whether you have an appointment or are at an all-day job, whether you want to take a hard-earned vacation or a mid-day siesta, we’ve got you covered. We can check emails, answer calls, accept jobs, and confirm assignments for a few hours, all day, or multiple days. Our staff has the skills and experience to communicate with your clients the way you would so you can feel confident taking time away from the office. When we answer your phones, you’ll never miss another reporting opportunity.

Printing, Production, and Repository Upload

One of our most popular services is the production of transcripts. High-end printers and scanners are expensive, and producing transcripts is time consuming. Let us print your transcripts and scan your exhibits so you can save the high costs and create more time in your day. [You’ll be amazed at how much more time you have to focus on professional growth, improve the quality of your personal life, or even take some well-deserved time off.] It’s easy – simple send your files to us, tell us who gets what, and we will take it from there.

Services offered:
– Print, bind, and mail transcripts
– File conversion to PDF or other format
– Distribution to clients
– Scan or copy exhibits and hyperlink them to transcript
– Document storage services

Contact us and learn just how easy it is to hand over something that used to be so time consuming.  How does it work?  Simply send your file to us and tell us who gets what.  We print, bind, and mail your transcripts with your return address.  FAST!  We can convert your files to PDF or other format and email them to your clients.  We can scan or copy exhibits, and hyperlink them to your transcript.  And when we’re done, we can provide you with document storage services.

Invoicing and Collections

Outsourcing your administrative tasks is the best way to keep you in front of your clients. Let us process the paperwork and keep track of what is paid and what is not. We can do your invoicing, do follow-up collection on slow pays, or we can do both. If we do your invoicing, we’ll give you the reports you need to pay your reporters so all you have to do is write the check. No more figuring out what you owe your reporters.

Additionally, our staff is well-trained in reporting agency/law firm relations. This means we know who controls the money and how to speak to them, how often to follow up and, most importantly, how to keep the relationship from being damaged due to unpaid or slow paid bills.


Virtual Office

Use our comfortable conference rooms for meetings on an as-needed basis. Videoconference-ready rooms are just a phone call away.  We have support staff here if something goes wrong with the technology.

Love being an independent contractor, but miss the social interaction of having an office to work in every day? Rent a desk or office space at our office and work here when you are not on the record.  

Need a location for a witness and counsel to meet for a read and sign, but don’t want them to come to your home office? Rent one of our comfortable conference rooms. They come with a professional staff, beverages, lots of off-street, no-cost parking…and we do the cleaning for you! 


Witness Reading and Signing / Subpoenaed Documents 

Use our location for witnesses to read and sign their transcripts.  Our secure location is perfect for document drop-off.  Let us know when and who or what to expect.  We will let you know when the witness is finished or when the documents arrive.   Our staff understands the confidential nature of these transactions.