Court Reporting

Experienced, highly qualified court reporters whenever and wherever you need them. First-rate reporters. First-class service.

The Varallo Group provides NCRA-credentialed court reporters to your court reporting agency where you need them, when you need them.  We cover depositions in all areas of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and most areas of Connecticut and Maine.  Our reporters are selected for their skill, timely delivery, and professionalism.

Our reporters and our staff are experts in providing the services you need.

Additional Services


Expedited/daily copy transcripts


Interactive realtime/daily drafts


Realtime streaming of text and/or video




eTranscript® or PDF format


Exhibits hyperlinked to the transcript

Let us cover your depositions nationwide:

Our extensive nationwide network is composed of first-rate reporters, agencies, and videographers that you can trust. We can also help locate conference rooms for your out-of-state depositions or set up conference calling services for attendance by telephone.

Interested in a career in Court Reporting?  Visit Project Steno to learn more.